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Visiting Our Forests

Visiting our forests


You are welcome to visit Permanent Timber Production Zone land managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania but before you head out we recommend that you contact one of our local Regional Offices.

They can provide advice on what operations are in progress in the areas you wish to visit, the possibility of heavy vehicles sharing those roads, general road conditions and any locked gates.

Camping is generally allowed anywhere on PTPZ land except where signed ‘no camping’. Campfires are okay in most areas at most times, but please take care and abide by fire weather warnings and restrictions that may be in place. If you are bushwalking in alpine areas or rainforest, please use a fuel stove. These areas cope poorly with fire, and wood there is often scarce and wet.

While Sustainable Timber Tasmania has some formal forest reserves still under its management, the majority of reserves previously managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania for recreational purposes have been transferred to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE).

Please access the Parks and Wildlife and Camping Tasmania websites in the information tab below for comprehensive information on camping in Tasmania.

Things to remember while driving and visiting working forests:

  1. Obey laws and regulations for vehicles/recreational vehicles including 4wd, motor bikes/atv's that apply to public lands
  2. Respect cultural, heritage, and environmental values of public/private land
  3. Respect flora and fauna. Stop look, but never disturb or remove
  4. Keep to formed vehicle tracks
  5. Keep the environment clean. Carry your own, and any other rubbish back out
  6. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and clean to reduce environmental impact
  7. Adopt minimal impact camping and driving practices
  8. Seek permission before driving on private land. Do not disturb livestock or watering points and leave gates as found
  9. Take adequate water, food, fuel, basic spares and first aid kit. In remote areas travel with another vehicle and have radio contact
  10. Plan your trip and lodge trip details with responsible persons.

You need to be aware that full registration and a licensed driver are required in all areas. Some areas are available for vehicles, trail bikes and all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) with restricted vehicle registration, but all drivers must still hold a current licence.

For additional information to help you with your planning, please access the tabs below.

Please note current closures:

Mount Barrow Discovery Centre:

Mount Barrow Discovery Centre and facilities are closed to the public. This is due to ongoing theft and vandalism at the site.

Picton River (Tahune Airwalk Adventures)

Access to the Picton and Huon Rivers is closed from the Swinging Bridges at Tahune Airwalk Adventures and North East (downriver) from the Swinging Bridges. The river is closed due to repair and site works being completed at Tahune Airwalk Adventures. This section of the river will be closed until the works are completed (updated 18/09/19).

We hope you enjoy your experience visiting Tasmania's working forests.


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