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Arve Link Road

Road and track closures

North East Region

For queries on road/track closures call our Scottsdale office on (03) 6350 6466.

East Diddleum Road

East Diddleum Road will be closed to all through traffic from Monday 23rd of September 2019 until Friday 20th of December 2019 inclusive.

Timberlands Pacific Pty Ltd require the closure of the road to facilitate the safe harvesting of a pine plantation located on East Diddleum Road.  Contact person - Jason Hall 0499 888 707 (updated 21/08/2019)

Mount Barrow Discovery Centre

Mount Barrow Discovery Centre and facilities are closed to the public. This is due to ongoing theft and vandalism at the site. 

Memory Road 

Memory Road (between Gunns Road and Upper Esk Road) is impassable due to a section of road being washed out and fallen vegetation blocking access.  The alternative travel route is from Upper Esk Road onto Telopea Road and then through to Gunns Road (updated 22/10/2008).


North West Region

For queries on road/track closures call our Camdale office on (03) 6433 2666.

Mt Bertha Road 

Access to Wes Beckett Falls (from Tarkine Drive) is closed from the junction of Sumac Road due to continuing falling trees as a result of bushfire damage. This road will remain closed indefinitely (updated 15/5/2018).

Blackfish Road

Blackfish Road (at Oldina Reserve, south of Beswick Road Junction) is closed for safety concerns. The gate will remain locked indefinitely (updated 6/12/18).

Hales Road 

Hales Road (through Dial Range Penguin) is closed south of the Mount Gnomon car park due to erosion and deep rutting. There are alternative sealed access routes of travel (updated 27/01/12).

Smiths Plains Road

Smiths Plains Road (access to the Winterbrook Falls Walking Track) is closed indefinitely due to a failed log culvert.


Southern Region

For queries on road/track closures call our Derwent Park or Geeveston office (03) 6235 8100 or (03) 6295 7111.

Russel Road

Russel Road is closed northwest of Lonnavale due to damage to the "twin" bridges. An alternate route to the Nevada Peak walking track is available through McDougals Road (off Denison Road) (updated 11/08/17).

Tiger Road 

The bridge over the Florentine River on Tiger Road is closed due to bridge failure. An alternate route to the west side of the Florentine River is through Eleven Road (updated 2/12/19).

Florentine Road 

The bridge on Florentine Road which crosses the Florentine River near Wayatinah is closed due to bridge failure (updated 02/12/19).

South Weld Road

South Weld Road (past Glovers Bluff turn) is closed due to road damage (updated 01/12/15).

Riawunna Road

Access to Kermandie Falls has been lengthened by 800 metres. A culvert on Riawunna Road collapsed, causing the shortening of the road (updated 12/12/11). Riawunna Road and  Kermandie Walking Track are closed due to hazardous trees caused by the recent bushfires (updated 16/4/19).

Stubbs Road

Stubbs Road is closed 300m in from the Hopetoun Road junction for approximately two weeks (updated 21/11/18).

Picton River (Tahune Airwalk Adventures)

Access to the Picton and Huon Rivers is closed from the Swinging Bridges at Tahune Airwalk Adventures and North East (downriver) from the Swinging Bridges. The river is closed due to repair  and site works being completed at Tahune Airwalk Adventures. This section of the river will be closed until the works are completed (updated 18/09/19).

Fortescue Rd

Roadworks will be carried out of the next 2 months, under the management of State Growth.  For further information please contact Dept of State Growth (updated 23/10/19).

Bushfire Road Closures (updated 8/8/19)

  • Tiger Road (Access to Lake Rhona via the Tiger Road is closed)
  • Clear Hill Road (Closed at the intersection of the Gordon River Road)
  • Arve Road (West of Hartz Road)
  • East Picton Road (Riveaux Road at the Arve Road Intersection)
  • West Picton Road
  • South Weld Road (at the Weld Bridge)




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