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Leases and licences

The Forest Management Act 2014 provides Sustainable Timber Tasmania with the ability to allow third parties access to use Permanent Timber Production Zone land, provided access is not incompatible with Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s primary land management objectives.

The Act also makes provisions for Sustainable Timber Tasmania to charge a fee for that use where the use of the land is for commercial gain or for private benefit.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania has several forms of formal property rights it grants to third parties:

Forestry rights allow for the legal recognition of a third party interest in a tree crop. They are used to recognise and provide the security of a forest investment where the rights holder is not the owner of the land. Forestry rights are administered by the Land Titles Office through the Forestry Rights Registrations Act 1990. Forestry rights presently apply to the majority of PTPZ land softwood estate and to some hardwood plantations. Under some forestry rights, management control and
responsibilities are divested via agreement to the third party forest managers, which are responsible for complying with all laws relating to management of the land, including compliance with the Forest Practices Act 1995.

Leases may be issued to third parties to provide exclusive use of an area. Such agreements are required where a significant investment has occurred, or will be required, by a third party. Land uses covered by leases include buildings, communications sites, dams, pipelines, power lines, recreation sites, and tourism sites. In such instances, the lease contract contains provisions for divesting management control to the leaseholder.

Licences provide for secure but non-exclusive use of an area. They are normally allocated when a party wishes to use Permanent Timber Production Zone land, there is no permanent infrastructure involved, and there is no need for management of the area to be divested. Licences are granted for many purposes such as apiary sites, agistment, access, game management, commercial bush food collection, or tourism.

Easements grant permanent rights of way for third parties. They are provided in the event a third party needs to use Permanent Timber Production Zone land to access private property.

Commercial Visitor Services (CVS) licences are issued to businesses conducting a commercial tourism or visitor service activity on Permanent Timber Production Zone land. These licences are appropriate for guided tour or adventure activity operators, or businesses providing transport and accommodation services. The Parks and Wildlife Service administers this CVS licence process.

Permits to conduct events are normally provided for short-duration access. They are appropriate for events such as car rallies, orienteering competitions, festivals or research projects.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania annually reviews the fees that we charge for the work we are required to do in processing this range of agreements and to maintain alignment with fees and increases charged by Government agencies for similar agreements.

If you have any enquiries about leases or licences, please contact the Engagement Team via