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Forest Activity

Forest activity permit

It is Sustainable Timber Tasmania policy that if you are conducting an event or activity on Permanent Timber Production Zone land then you should contact us to see if a Forest Activity Permit is required.

Why have a Permit system?

The purpose of the permit system is that it enables Sustainable Timber Tasmania to

  • be aware of events occurring on the land we manage and to manage any conflicting activities
  • assess potential environmental, cultural, operational and other stakeholder impacts relevant to the event or activity
  • prescribe conditions to the conduct of the event or activity to minimise any identified impacts
  • provide organisers with relevant information that they may not be aware of for the location

Generally most planned activities can occur if the process is followed and no significant conflicts are identified. Commercial activities will be assessed on a commercial basis and fee for services will be charged.

What is an event or activity that requires a Permit?

Events could include music concerts, weddings, open days and organised sporting or recreational  events such as car rallies, orienteering, trial running, mountain biking.

Activities could include research projects, plant collection and commercial filming.

What is the process for obtaining a Permit?

Contact us via our stakeholder engagement team so we can discuss your activity and put you in touch with the most appropriate Sustainable Timber Tasmania officer. Based on the nature and location of your proposed event or activity further information may be requested. An assessment will then be made dependent on the potential impact of the event or activity.

The stakeholder engagement team can be contacted by email at email: or by phone on 03 6169 2868.