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Forest Activity

Forest activity permit

When do you need a Permit?

If you are planning an activity or project on Permanent Timber Production Zone land, such as a collecting seeds or plants, conducting a research project or organising a mountain bike race you need a Sustainable Timber Tasmania - Forest Activity Permit.

Before providing a permit, Sustainable Timber Tasmania needs to make sure that the project will not affect any special values that may occur in the proposed activity area. We don’t normally prevent activities, but may have to specify some prescriptions so that these values (e.g. eagle nests or historical relics) are looked after.

The level of assessment required will depend on the potential impact of the activity.

Note that a fee for this service may be charged for proposed commercial activities.

How do I get a Permit?

Contact us via our stakeholder engagement team so we can discuss your activity and let you know if we need any more information or assessment. 

The stakeholder engagement team can be contacted by email at email:
or by phone on 03 6169 2868.