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Product and customers

Products & customers overview

Sustainable Timber Tasmania supplies more than 50 customers with over 1.4 million tonnes of forest products each year.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s harvesting operations are focused on producing high quality sawlog, veneer logs and peeler logs – we try to maximise overall value recovery and minimise the production of lower value residue products (e.g. wood that is subsequently chipped for paper production).

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise responsible under State legislation for:

  • sustainably managing approximately 800,000 hectares of public production forest (Permanent Timber Production Zone land)
  • undertaking forest operations for the production and sale of forest products from these forests (including making available at least 137,000 cubic metres of high quality eucalypt sawlogs and veneer logs per annum)

Our Certification

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s forest management performance is currently independently audited and certified against the requirements of three voluntary certification standards:

  •  Australian Forestry Standard (AS 4708)
  •  Environmental Management Systems (AS/NZS 14001)
  •  Occupational Health and Safety Systems (AS 4801)

These certifications provide customers and stakeholders with an assurance that Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s management systems are operating effectively to plan, implement, monitor and review its operations with a view to continually improving performance.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is also currently seeking to be certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® forest management certification.