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Nursery and Seed Centre

Nursery and seed centre

For over 40 years our nursery and seed centre at Perth has collected Tasmanian native seed for forest regeneration and plantations. We have the highest quality seed from most Tasmanian eucalypts and acacias as well as many other species ranging from bottle brush to mountain berry.

We can ship you a few packets of Tasmanian native seeds for your garden or a few kilograms for a plantation.

For technical advice on propagating trees feel free to call or email us below:

Manager - Nursery & Seed Centre

Peter Moore
Mobile: 0418 343277
Nursery: (03) 6398 7000

Assistant Manager - Nursery & Seed Centre

Carlton Cox
Mobile: 0418 343277
Nursery: (03) 6398 7000

Forest Nursery

Phone: (03) 6398 7000
15960 Midlands Highway
Perth, Tasmania,