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Candle Bark

Eucalyptus rubida


Eucalyptus rubida at its best obtains 30 - 40 m in height and 1 m dbh, with a clear straight trunk to two thirds of the total height.

On many sites however, it is a rather poorly formed tree 10 - 20 m in height.

This species has an extensive geographic range from parts of South Australia and Tasmania to the northern tablelands of New South Wales and into Victoria.

Candlebark is mainly a species of tablelands, hills and mountain slopes, occurring on a wide range of soil types including those which are rather dry and shallow, almost skeletal.

Best development is on moderately fertile well-drained loams with clay subsoil. It occurs in woodland or open forest formation.

It is a drought and frost tolerant species.

  • Average germs/kg: 150 000
  • Mature tree height: 30 - 40 m