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Blue Gum - Flinders Island - 100% Purity

Eucalyptus globulus

The majestic blue gum, common on the south and east of Tasmania, can also be found on some of the Bass Strait Islands and in Southern Victoria, and is probably our most distinctive and widely known eucalypt.

Blue Gum timber quickly established a reputation with early settlers for its toughness and durability.

It is suitable for ship building and similar uses and is widely used as a quick growing plantation species.

All of our seed is collected from good form trees usually harvested for quality timber.

Each seed lot is supplied with location, provenance name, seedlot ID, germinations/kg, forest quality type, collection date and relevant site information.

The seed is cleaned to approximately 95% purity and prices quoted are for clean seed.

Seed can be cleaned by handpicking to 100% purity.

Price to hand clean is supplied upon request.

  • Average germs/kg: 240 000 (100% clean seed)
  • Mature tree height up to 70m.