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Black Gum

Eucalyptus ovata

Eucalyptus ovata is usually a medium sized or occasionally a tall tree attaining 30m in height and up to 1m dbh, but in cold, poorly drained swamps it also occurs as a stunted tree.

Under favourable conditions it has a clear, straight trunk for about one half of the tree height and a moderately dense crown.

Black (or Swamp) gum is widely distributed in southeastern Australia including Tasmania and the eastern Bass Strait islands.

This species grows on a variety of sites from exposed coastal plains to mountain foothills.

Soils are generally sands and clays, very frequently with poor drainage, though in some areas it occurs on well-drained sites.

Swamp gum occurs in open forest or woodland formation and swampy areas.

It is a forest tolerant species.

  • Average germs/kg: 300 000
  • Mature tree height 15 - 30m