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Island Specialty Timbers

Island specialty timbers

In the interest of public safety, Island Specialty Timbers' locations at Geeveston, Derwent Park and Smithton are closed to the public until further notice.

Island Specialty Timbers at Strahan is closed until Wednesday 15 April.

Sales at Island Specialty Timbers can still be made via arrangement by contacting Island Specialty Timbers Manager Chris Emmett on (03) 6235 7161 or 0419 998 452.

Island Specialty Timbers will notify the public when locations will reopen. We urge everyone to stay safe during this time.


Island Speciality Timbers is a commercial business of Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

It provides the craftwood, boatbuilding, and furniture industries, as well as the public, with access to available stocks of special species timbers.

Island Speciality Timbers conducts regular tenders to test the the market price, and increase market access, for high-quality special species logs.

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