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Permission to shoot

Permission to Shoot - FAQs

Please find below some frequently asked questions about Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s Permission to Shoot application process. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Stakeholder Engagement Team by emailing or phoning your nearest STT regional office.

How do I get a Permission to Shoot?
You can get a Permission to Shoot from STT online via our website or by visiting your nearest STT regional office.

How do I get a Permission to Shoot if I do not have access to online services?
You can still get a Permission to Shoot from STT if you do not have access to online services. If you visit your nearest regional office during opening hours, our staff will assist you to purchase a Permission to Shoot.

Where can I go hunting?
STT identifies areas on Permanent Timber Production Zone (PTPZ) land available for hunting. Hunting is not permitted on all areas of PTPZ. We have identified specific areas for optimal hunting conditions. These areas are safe, not used primarily for other recreational activities, not near to private landowners and will not be subject to hunters having to navigate difficult land tenures and boundary issues.

A current Permission to Shoot from STT permits you to hunt in any identified areas on PTPZ. During the Permission to Shoot online application, you will receive some hunting maps. If you would like more, contact and we can assist you.

Do I have to carry my Permission to Shoot with me?
Yes, you are required to carry your Permission to Shoot with you at all times when you are hunting on identified PTPZ hunting areas. You are required to present your Permission to Shoot and valid firearms licence to any law enforcement of forest officer upon request.

What game am I able to hunt?
A Permission to Shoot on PTPZ permits you to hunt deer, wallaby, possum, wild duck, brown quail, ring-necked pheasant, rabbit, fox and hare during daylight hours, provided you hold a valid firearms licence and registered firearm.

If you are looking to hunt other species, you are required to have a second valid game permit from another public authority (e.g. DPIPWE).

What does a Permission to Shoot do?
A Permission to Shoot allows you to hunt specific game on identified areas of PTPZ. You cannot hunt on PTPZ identified areas without a Permission to Shoot from STT. The Permission to Shoot does not permit you to hunt without a registered firearm or a current firearms licence.

Do I need a Permission to Shoot if I have a current firearms licence?
Yes. A Permission to Shoot is not a firearms licence. It is permission to shoot on identified areas of PTPZ.

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