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Understanding our forests

Understanding our forests

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s planning and operations are informed by science. This guides how our forests are harvested and regenerated, including the seed stock selected.

To be able to sustainably manage our forest resource, we need to have a good understanding of the ecosystems that exist within and around our forests.

Ecosystems evolve and change, and forest management systems must respond if environmental values such as biodiversity are to be protected and maintained.

Ongoing research is improving the understanding of ecosystem processes and results in improved forest practices. Sustainable Timber Tasmania is active in research, innovation and development both internally and in collaboration with other organisations and institutions to better understand forest ecology and to inform sustainable forest management practices.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania publishes an Annual Report as a means of communicating information on a wide range of subjects relevant to Tasmania's forests.

Our scientists also contribute to scientific journals, seminars and participate in issues-based forums within the forest industry and broader scientific community.