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Description of codes used in tables

Description of codes used in tables

Road classification

Road Class / Code
Primary all weather 2 lane access - Main road:  1
Significant all weather 2 lane access - Semi-main road:  2
Heavy vehicle single lane - Through road:  3T
Heavy vehicle single lane - Spur road:  3
Vehicular track:  4

Operation Type

Operation Type Description (Harvest Machinery) / Code
Cable:  C
Ground:  G
Predominantly Cable:  C/G
Predominantly Ground:  G/C

Current Crop

Current Crop / Code
Extensive eucalypt native forest:  EXE
Eucalypt native forest with special species timbers:  EST
Special species timbers forest:  STM
Hardwood plantation:  PHW
Silvicultural regeneration:  REG
Blackwood forest:  BWC
Huon pine forest:  PHPM
Intensive native forest:  INF
Softwood plantation:  PSW

Harvest Method

Harvest Description / Code
Aggregated Retention:  ARN
Advanced Growth Retention:  AGR
Clearfell:  CLF
Plantation 1st commercial thinning:  CTP1
Plantation 2nd commercial thinning:  CTP2
Early Clearfell:  ECF
Group Selection – 1st Cutting Cycle:  GS1
Potential Sawlog Retention:  PSR
Seed Tree Retention:  SED
Seed Tree Removal:  STX
Selective Logging:  SEL
Shelterwood Retention:  SW1
Shelterwood Removal:  SW2
Commercial Thinning of Native Forest:  THN

Future use of the harvest area, may be more than one use

Future Use / Code
Fenced Blackwood (swamps):  FBW
Fenced Intensive Blackwood:  FIB
Return to Hardwood Plantation:  RHW
Regenerate to Native Forest:  RNF
Return to Softwood Plantation:  RSW
Commercial thinning of Native Forest:  THC
Commercial thinning of Hardwood Plantation:  THH
Commercial thinning of Softwood Plantatio:  THS
Uneven aged treatment:  UAT
Unknown (as yet, undetermined):  UNK

Other (conversion to roads, lakes, easements, etc.) OTH