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Tactical planning

Tactical planning

Sustainable Timber Tasmania produces a rolling Three Year Wood Production Plan, which is published annually around July. The Three Year Plan outlines the location, product volumes and harvest methods of coupes that may be harvested in the coming three-year period.

Planning on a three year time frame allows Sustainable Timber Tasmania to:

  • deliver legislated volumes and meet existing contracts
  • identify markets
  • plan and develop any infrastructure to access areas
  • inform and engage with interested stakeholders

Through the three year planning process, Sustainable Timber Tasmania takes into account many factors so that it meets production targets while complying with necessary procedures and legislation.

The Three Year Plan forms the basis of the next level of tactical planning: harvest scheduling.

Through this planning phase, coupes are allocated to harvesting contractors. The process also allows for the coordination of an even flow of wood products to customers, and informs the development of the Forest Practices Plan for each coupe.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania publicises its Three Year Wood Production Plan in July of each year on its website and through media channels.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania encourages stakeholders to register their interests in any particular coupes, advise issues of particular concern, and indicate if they would like any further information as planning progresses.