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Sustainable yield

Sustainable yield

Sustainable Timber Tasmania models and monitors the forests we manage so that harvesting wood products is sustainable well into the future – sometimes looking 90 years ahead.  

Sustainable Timber Tasmania's Sustainable Yield Review focuses on all native eucalypt forest and eucalypt plantations in wood production areas within Permanent Timber Production Zone land.
The Review describes the forest management strategy and direction adopted by Sustainable Timber Tasmania to ensure a sustainable supply of high quality eucalypt sawlogs. The associated yields for other products, which include lower quality sawlogs, peeler logs, pulp logs and biofuel from eucalypt native forests and from eucalypt plantations, are also described.

Sustainable Yield Review Number 5 (see attachment below)

The Review shows that at least 137 000 cubic metres of logs from Tasmania’s Permanent Timber Production Zone can be made available each year for at least the next 90 years. In addition, it notes that Sustainable Timber Tasmania is transitioning into eucalypt plantations becoming a significant component of future high quality sawlog forecasted yields. The Review forecasts that from 2022, the total supply volume may be provided by a mix of native forest and plantation-grown sawlogs.

Research and development for eucalypt plantation harvesting and processing is currently being actively supported and undertaken. The current high quality sawlog supply for contract holders is from native forest.

Professor Ian Ferguson has written a useful discussion on sustainability and on the calculation of sustainable yields, based on a case study of Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s sustainable yield planning. See Ferguson 2013 - Assessing sustainability in certification schemes (attachment below).