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Our planning

Our planning

To ensure we manage our forests effectively and sustainably, Sustainable Timber Tasmania has a robust planning system in place.

Our overarching planning document is our Forest Management Plan which is supported by the High Conservation Values Assessment and Management Plan

Forest Management Plan

The Forest Management Plan includes Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s Sustainable Forest Management Policy, strategic objectives and a summary of its detailed forest management system.

The Forest Management Plan (FMP) is supported by the High Conservation Values (HCV) Assessment and Management Plan. It includes detailed assessments of high conservation value areas that fall under Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s management, and outlines management prescriptions aimed at maintaining and/or enhancing those identified high conservation values.

As part of the process of developing the FMP and HCV Assessment and Management Plan, Sustainable Timber Tasmania actively sought stakeholder input from stakeholders and the general public. All of the stakeholder input has been carefully considered in refining and finalising the plans.

There are a number of supporting documents and policies related to the Forest Management Plan and High Conservation Value Assessment and Management Plan that are available on the Publications page.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is currently revising its High Conservation Assessment and Management Plan based upon stakeholder input from early 2017.