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Certifying our operations

Certifying our operations

Forest certification schemes require that forest management companies comply with the core principles of sustainable forest management.

Requirements cover consideration of legal requirements, stakeholder relations, biodiversity, cultural values, soil and water values, product recovery, and social and economic benefits.

Certification requires a systematic approach be taken by the forest manager to ensure that all operations are planned, implemented, monitored and reviewed, with a view to continually improving performance.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s sustainable forest management performance is currently independently audited and certified against the requirements of several voluntary certification standards.

These certifications provide customers and stakeholders with an assurance that Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s management systems underpinning compliance with standards are operating effectively.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s independent third party auditing body conducts regular surveillance audits to confirm continuing compliance with the standards. 

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is also seeking to be certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) forest management standard. FSC® certification is important to Sustainable Timber Tasmania because it will provide further and ongoing access to key markets and added stakeholder assurance that we are managing the forests effectively. An audit was undertaken in May 2019 and Sustainable Timber Tasmania is looking forward to receiving the audit report. The current status of the audit process is described in the letter from SCS Global Services available below. 

For more information, see Fact Sheet No.2 Forest Certification.


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