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Managing our forests

Managing forest values

Sustainable Timber Tasmania manages a production forest estate that contains a diverse range of environmental, social and economic values. A comprehensive planning process is used to balance these often competing values.

We professionally manage the public production forests using best practice informed by science to maintain wood resources and the diverse range of other forest values.

Our Sustainable Forest Management Policy (see tab below) sets out our approach to doing this, including operating in a environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner; striving to maximise recovery and value from our forest products; minimising waste; and meeting or exceeding all relevant certification, legislative and other requirements.

Our Forest Management Plan details the systems and strategies that Forestry Tasmania has in place to achieve our obligations, while also managing the diverse range of forest values.

This includes details of our forest planning and operational framework that we use to supply forest products and to regrow and maintain the forest productive capacity.