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Sustainable Timber Tasmania recognises the significant role of forests in the global carbon cycle.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s Forest Carbon Policy April 2014 commits to maintaining the carbon storage capacity of the forests on Permanent Timber Production Zone land.

Carbon storage capacity is maintained by managing the forest in accordance with sustainable yield calculations, maintaining Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s reserve system, and harvesting and regenerating forests in accordance with Forest Practices Plan prescriptions.

The reductions in carbon associated with harvesting are offset by growth in the forest as a whole.

Carbon stocks on Permanent Timber Production Zone land are estimated at five-yearly intervals coinciding with the five-year sustainable yield wood reviews. Present standing tree carbon stocks are estimated to be 68 million tonnes. Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s planning forecasts that carbon stocks will remain in a fairly steady state until about 2030, before increasing to approximately 78 million tonnes in 2050.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania actively promotes the use of wood products from sustainably managed forests as a contributor to climate change mitigation.