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2019-20 Annual Report

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s 2019/20 Annual Report showcases highlights from the last financial year. The Annual Report highlights our achievements for the year with stories on improving safety management, innovation and recovery from bushfires.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s highlights include:

  • Nearly 1.6 million tonnes of wood produced including 119,000 cubic metres of high-quality eucalypt sawlogs and over 7,900 cubic metres of special species timbers.
  • $147 million of forest product sales.
  • $111 million to Tasmanian businesses including $60 million paid to Tasmanian harvest and haulage contractors.
  • Attended 47 bushfires with over 32,000 hours of firefighting activities.
  • 23 employees provided over 2,750 hours to protect communities in NSW during the bushfire emergency
  • Over 5,600 hectares prepared for regrowing with 160 million seeds sown on harvested areas to regrow future forests.
  • Maintained over 3,000 km of roads to provide access to Permanent Timber Production Zone land for multiple uses.
  • Strong safety performance for employees and significant improvements in contractor safety performance from implementation of SafetyCircle, a safety culture program.
  • Maintained Responsible Wood forest management certification, safety and environmental systems certification and continuing work towards FSC® certification.