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Sustainable By Nature.

2018-19 Annual Report

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s 2018/19 Annual Report showcases highlights from the last financial year. The predominant theme through the Annual Report is on fire activity encountered in the summer 2018-19.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s highlights include:

  • 1.5 million tonnes of wood produced including 116,000 cubic metres of high-quality eucalypt sawlogs and over 9,700 cubic metres of specialty timbers.
  • Over $150 million of forest product sales.
  • $53 million paid to Tasmanian harvest and haulage contractors.
  • Attended 57 bushfires, over 66,300 hours of firefighting activities.
  • Over 4,700 hectares prepared for regrowing with 160 million seeds sown on harvested areas and over 65 million seeds sown on fire impacted areas.
  • Maintained over 4,100 km of roads for forest operations and to provide access to Permanent Timber Production Zone land for multiple use.
  • Focus on People and Culture development including an inaugural employees conference, the launch of reframed values and independent recognition as an ‘Employer of Choice’.
  • Strong commitment to safety including managing one lost time injury for staff.
  • Maintained Responsible Wood forest management certification, safety and environmental systems certification and completed an FSC® certification audit.
  • Completed 1,300 hectares of fuel reduction burning and provided over 1,100 person days to other statewide fuel reduction agencies.

Please take the time to have a look at the report and thank you for taking an interest in our sustainable by nature journey.