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Sustainable by nature

2017-18 Annual Report

Sustainable by nature… a broad aspiration and one that is very important for our business. As a land manager and as a provider of renewable forest products from the public production forests, sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. Our business is very much about long term planning and to that end sustainability is key.

The Report is structured on our sustainability pillars:

  • Sustainably managing the forest estate;
  • Sustainably supplying timber; and
  • Sustainably growing our business.

Highlights from the Report include:

  • A profitable first year for the restructured organisation.
  • 47 Tasmanian businesses were supplied from 1.5 million tonnes of wood produced.
  • 129,000 cubic metres of high-quality eucalypt sawlogs delivered.
  • 10,000 cubic metres of special species timber sold.
  • $145 million of forest product sales.
  • $48 million paid to harvest and haulage contractors.
  • 6,700 hectares prepared for regrowing with 300 million seeds sowed.
  • Completed 2,800 hectares of fuel reduction burning and attended 43 bushfires.
  • Maintained 2,800 km of roads for forest operations and to provide access to Permanent Timber Production Zone land for multiple use.
  • One lost time injury.
  • Maintained forest management certifications, safety and environmental systems certification and progressed towards FSC® certification.

Please take the time to have a look at the report and thank you for taking an interest in our sustainable by nature journey.