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STT regional offices are now open to the public. Our Perth office remains closed due to on-site renovations. 

Permits and licences are obtainable efficiently and safely over the phone. We encourage purchase of permits and licences by phoning your nearest Sustainable Timber Tasmania office by phone. 

Sustainable Timber Tasmania

Sustainable Timber Tasmania - Head Office, Hobart

Level 1, 99 Bathurst Street,                               Please be advised that permits and licences are
Hobart, Tasmania 7000                                     only issued from regional offices.

Phone: (03) 6169 2800

North West Region

John McNamara
North West Region Manager

Camdale Office
2-4 East Cam Road, Camdale, Burnie, Tasmania 7320
Phone: (03) 6433 2666

Office closed:



Smithton Office

4-12 West Esplanade, Smithton, Tasmania 7330
Phone: (03) 6452 9100

Reception Hours:
Monday - Wednesday 1pm to 5pm 
Friday 1pm to 5pm

Office Closed:
Wednesday 26th August
Monday 31st August to 5th September (Inc)

North East Region

John McNamara
North East Region Manager

Perth Office

15960 Midlands Highway, Perth, Tasmania 7300
Phone: (03) 6398 7000

Office Closed:
Closed to visitors until further notice due to on-site renovations.


Scottsdale Office

Level 1, 24 King Street, Scottsdale, Tasmania 7260
Phone: (03) 6350 6466

Office Closed: Fridays
Reception hours: Monday to Thursday  9am - 4pm   (closed between 1-2pm)



South Region

David White
South Region Manager

Derwent Park Office

Building 2, 26 Lampton Avenue, Derwent Park, Tasmania 7009
Phone: (03) 6235 8100

Office Closed:



Geeveston Office

Cemetery Road, Geeveston, Tasmania 7116
Phone: (03) 6295 7111

Office Closed:

Geeveston office is closed until further notice (10/9/2020)